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The club has premises at Main Street in Ayr.  Only club members may use the studio and membership is open to all adults who complete the application form and pay their subscription of £30 per annum.   Below you will find our club rules for members to observe. At the bottom of the page is a Membership form that you can fill in and submit.  This will then be considered for approval.


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We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Ayr Art Circle Standing Rules

1.       Exhibition Rules

          1.1.    All paintings submitted for exhibition must have been presented at a club critique night for review by the members.

          1.2.    Two paintings per member may be submitted at a critique night at any one time but only one painting at any professional critique.

          1.3.    Paintings will only be critiqued if the member presenting the painting is present.   In exceptional circumstances, and if approved by a majority of members then present, paintings may be critiqued for a member who is unable to be present.

          1.4.    All paintings submitted for exhibition must be framed, or of box canvas construction, suitable for hanging unframed.   Paintings presented with damaged or sub-standard frames may be refused hanging.

          1.5.    All artwork submitted for exhibition must be the original work of the member.

​          1.6.    No direct copy of another person’s work may be submitted.   Any work that is a members version of an earlier painting or photograph must show some additive creativity in order to avoid infringing upon the work or copyright of anyone else.

2.       Premises Rules

          Where the club operates premises for the purpose of members  use as a painting studio:-

          2.1.    It shall be the duty of the last member out of the premises to ensure that all heating is turned off, all lights are likewise turned off and the premises securely locked.

          2.2.    Use of the studio by each member will be subject to a small fee, to be agreed upon at each AGM.

          2.3.    A key to the premises will be available to each member on request but will not be issued to any member with less than one years fully paid-up membership.

          2.4.    The premises should be left in a clean and tidy condition after use.

          2.5.    Smoking is not permitted on club premises.  


Adopted by the members at an EGM on 11th April 2017

and amended at the AGM on February 6th 2018

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