From primary school I knew I wanted to draw and paint, and was lucky enough to be accepted for Glasgow School of Art straight out of High School. There I studied Drawing and Painting, under wonderful tutors. After that followed teacher training college, and straight into secondary schools. So I have been a painter/teacher my whole adult life.  Teaching for me is a joy. It’s so wonderful to be able to coax talent out of people, many of whom don’t know they have any.  I’m glad I have jumped online, and can continue to teach virtually!

Moon Rising
I won an award from the Glasgow Society of Women Artists for this painting.
Mixed Media
Painted from a sketch I did in Arran
Mahika - FOR SALE
I’ve enjoyed experimenting with inventive colour and expressive mark making in this image, and intend to do more. Enquiries welcome.
The Red Hat Society
Based on a photo I took at Ayr Races. I completed a series of these paintings a few years ago, they are still quite popular.
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