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Joy Hansen born 1971.  As a creative child I became quite accomplished armed with only a lead pencil and some felt tip pens. I was always drawing, arranging things, and modelling with anything I could find. I was inspired by my grandmother who had painted a lovely watercolour before she was married, it hung in her front room. Everyone admired it but she never returned to art


Later in my own life, with a busy family, I too found it difficult to make space for art. As my children got older and more independent, I longed to be creative again.  I was given the opportunity to teach drawing and painting, and I enjoyed working with children, adults and the elderly for a few years.


It was not until 2018 that I finally began to paint for myself. I discovered oils and found a medium that really suited me. I love colour and fine detail, but want to explore more expressive techniques.

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