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I did not start painting until 2004 (at age 66) when I went to Joan Lawson at Robinwood Art School.   Before that my art had mainly been our Christmas card (silhouettes) with the very occasional sketch thrown in.


I joined Ayr Art Circle in 2004 and Ayr Sketch Club in early 2005 as a Lay Member.   I was accepted as an artist member of Ayr Sketch Club in the autumn of 2005 but in 2018 I once again decided to become a Lay Member.


I discovered pastels at about that time and have used almost nothing else since.   I pass the time when I cannot get out by watching the members-only demonstration videos on the SAA (Society for All Artists) website and have picked up quite a few very useful hints.   I also go to pastel weekends to learn more from the professionals.


I really enjoy the Ayr Art Circle critique nights and demonstrations and get to as many as possible.  It does not matter what medium is used, one can learn something from everyone.

me with easel aug 05.JPG
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