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Tom Bate has been practicing art since the early 90s. He has dedicated a lot of time to studying techniques and art history - both independently and on various courses across Glasgow and Ayrshire.


Since Tom’s retirement in 2013, he has been able to spend more time focusing on painting and begins each day with a couple of hours of practice. He enjoys painting figurative and still life subjects, occasionally dipping into other mediums.


Tom draws inspiration from everyday life. He likes to capture everyday activities, and also focuses on movement within his work. He has been influenced heavily by the likes of Hopper, Mili, Picasso and Degas. He has also taken influence from the work of Todd Garner, who taught Tom the physics and chemistry of acrylic painting during his studies.


Tom is a member of Ayr Art Circle and Ayr Sketch Club. Tom takes part in group exhibitions and displays in galleries across the area.

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