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Group of Four
Sometimes we invite a group of four artists to come and paint
or have a morning of demonstrating their techniques and
discussing their work with members who come in to watch
and learn.

In this case we had artists who each used a different medium
or had their own unique approach to painting and who were
happy to talk with all comers.
elizabeth-parkhurst-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
debbie-cassels-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
Jean-berry-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
caroline-dempsey-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
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