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Barbara Anderson
As a child, Barbara spent many happy hours on country walks. Her father taught her all about the plants, birds, and animals. From this, developed a lifelong love of the countryside and nature.

She had always enjoyed dabbling with paints, but it was only seven years ago that she seriously started painting. Not surprisingly her subjects are based in nature and the countryside. She started working in acrylics but now also works in pastels.


Soft Pastels on Pastel Mat

Size 220 x 280 mm

Parking Attendant
Acrylic on Canvas
Size 800 x 300 mm 

Northern Lights 2

Soft Pastels on Pastel Mat

Size 230 x 300 mm

Mischievous Cub
Soft Pastels on Pastel Mat
Size 220 x 160 mm 
Carrick Hills in Springtime
Soft Pastels on Pastel Mat
Size 300 x 400 mm 
Dog Walk in Winter
Acrylic on Canvas
Size 310 x 220 mm
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