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Group Painting Demonstration of Four on 6th March 2024
Four members of the club set up their paints in St. James's hall one evening to demonstrate their particular techniques and offer advice for club members.

Alan White strayed from painting to demonstrate frame making and mount board cutting.

Jackie Ridge was painting with acrylics and brought along many examples of her work.

Tom Bate used oils to demonstrate their use.

Martin Ellam showed many different examples of a variety of watercolour techniques.
2024-04-10-6-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
group-of-four-evening-7-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
group-of-four-evening-8-art-painting-acrylics-canvas-oils-watercolour-mixed-media  .webp
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